POPE BENEDICT XV Plenary Indulgence frame picture 1920

Payment | POLICIES POPE BENEDICT XV Plenary Indulgence frame picture 1920
Note that first picture is hazy due to reflection on glass RARE Vintage certificate with excellent picture of His Holiness Pope Benedict XV above a certificate of Apostolic Benediction and a Plenary Indulgence. Dated 1920,. Has embossed seal in lower left. Professionally framed in period frame with golden tones and glass. Measures about 8" by 14". Looks to have Latin writing and signatures on bottom as shown - this apprears to have been handwritten in ink.

Pope Benedict XV was elected to his position on September 3, 1914. He was Pope during all of WWI and followed a strict doctrine of neutrality during wartime. He encouraged the wearing of the brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This little man was so small that the Papal garments had to be remade to fit him. Though small in stature his generosity was huge - Pope Benedict gave so much money to the poor that funds had to be borrowed for his funeral expenses. Truly a man of God. His reign as Pope ended on January 22, 1922. It is no surprise that when Joseph Ratsinger, our current Pope, chose the name Benedict XVI partially to honor the prior Benedict XV and of course Saint Benedict.

In VERY good condition - looks even better in person.
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