Pope Pius PPX & The Assumption of BVM Into Heaven

Beautiful medal of the St. Pius PPX & the Assumption of the BVM into Heaven. It measures 3/4" and is a silverwash. Very nice condition.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori - Of the Assumption of Mary
On this day the Church celebrates, in honour of Mary, two solemn festivals; the first is that of her happy passage from this world; the second, that of her glorious Assumption into Heaven.
In the present discourse we shall speak of her happy passage from this world; and in the next of her glorious Assumption.
How precious was the death of Mary !
1. On account of the special graces that attended it.
2. On account of the manner in which it took place.
Death being the punishment of sin, it would seem that the Divine Mother all holy, and exempt as she was from its slightest stain should also have been exempt from death, and from encountering the misfortunes to which the children of Adam, infected by the poison of sin, are subject. But God was pleased that Mary should in all things resemble Jesus; and as the Son died, it was becoming that the Mother should also die; because, moreover, He wished to give the just an example of the precious death prepared for them, He willed that even the most Blessed Virgin should die, but by a sweet and happy death. Let us, tfore, now consider how precious was Mary's death:
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