Popeye cookie jar:

Popeye 75 years filmstrip cookie jar. This jar is new in the original box. It
stands 13 inches tall. Popeye is 13 inches tall and is done in black, white and grey.. There is a colored filmstrip around the bottom which features some of Popeye's famous cartoons. Made by D.C. comics and Vandor, each jar is individually numbered.
Popeye was created by E.C. Segar in 1929 and celebrates his 75th anniversary in 2004. His antics began as a character in the Thimble Theatercomic strip. Soon thereafter, Popeye became a hero on the big screen.
Today, there are well over 600 cartoons, many of which are still shown regularly on TV around the world. He's strong to the finish, cause he eats his spinach, he's Popeye the Sailorman. Thanks for shopping at Cookie's Collectibles where all sales are fully guaranteed.