Popper Chef Popcorn Popper - Works, Original Box

This is a wonderful old Popper Chef Corn Popper and Utility Cooker, Model 1702, manufactured by Dominion Electric Corporation, Mansfield, Ohio. It is in its original box, which has some scuffing and small tears consistent with its age. The box says the machine can also be used for deep frying, candies and frostings, sauces and puddings, heating soups and stews,etc., and even for poaching eggs. I don't have the instruction manual, so you're on your own as to how you do allthese things, but for popping corn you just throw a little vegetable oil in the bottom and plug it in. It is a three piece unit - metal heating base, metal pot with (I think) bakelite handle, and a glass lid. I have what appears to be the original cloth-wrapped wire and am including a more modern plastic coated wire for safety purposes. As you can see by the photo, I made a potfull of delicious popcorn in the machine to make sure it works properly.

Great for a collectible showpiece or for someone just hankering for the taste of good old-fashioned popcorn! Still time for Christmas shipping!

In addition to its size - which is two quarts (at least that's what the popper bowl holds in liquid) - I want to add that this popper has been used and has the character flaws to prove it. I have done nothing to restore it so that its stories of 50-or-so years
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