Porcelain Music Box- Victorian Lady Playing Piano

This item is a rather hard-to-find music box made by Yamada of Lefton, which is no longer in production from my understanding. Item is signed by Y. Yamada with a number 230 of 2500, so a quite good edition of an obviously limited series. Music box is at least 10 years old but in excellent condition with no cosmetic or structural problems. Approximate size is 6" x 8" x 6". Lovely detail depicting a Victoria-era lady playing a piano or clavichord- hard to say which. Dimensional detail of flowers and greenery on the piano as well as in the lady's hair. Tune played is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, with a windup key in the bottom and a slide to stop and start the tune as seen on the left-hand side of the lady, and tune is bright and cheerful- no warping or aging of the music. Since it is no longer in production, this music box has been copied by other music box makers, and those imitations sell new for over $50- this original, signed, rare music box is not to be missed! Buyer paysactual shipping costs, which will be calculated at the end of the auction, so please don't pay until you contact me first. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS RARE COLLECTOR'S ITEM!!!!!