Porsche 901 / 911 Brochure Sept 1963 Print Date

A nice piece from the Tucson estate of a collector.
This one is sure to start a few conversations on the Porsche boards as it is different than any other 901 brochure we can find anywhere online.
It is from the collection of a gentleman who actually went to Germany in 1963 to pick up his new 356C. All of his literature is pre 1967 and there is absolutely no way this is one of the "reproduction" catalogs as he passed away in 1985. None of his literature has been touched by human hands in 25+ years.
There is no "double line" in the printing date / information as the reproductions have (with the modern 1993 printing date added).
This brochure, (and others from 1963 we have) was most likely picked up at the factory by the owner while in Germany to pick up his 356 in 1963.
It is a single line and printed in September 1963. Also, there is no "E" on the cover and this presumed to be because the "E" was not yet added until the next printing run to be sent to the United States.
The condition is quite good with only the lightest storage signs / aging. No rips - tears - folds or writings. We'd rate it at 9 to 9.5 on a 10 scale for overall condition.
There are camera / lighting glares on the cover ...they are NOT on the brochure and the color of the brochure is bright white.
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