Porsche 911 Parts Catalog on Microfische: Carrera Turbo

is an 8-page set of microfische for Porsche 911, each sheet apparently is an entire parts catalog though I haven't had these on a reader to see.

Sheet 1 says 911 mod 65-69 and 912 mod 66-69 (which I think actually denotes the years covered)

Sheet 2 says 911 mod 70-73 H1-7, N

Sheet 3 says 911 mod 70-73 HG8-0,N

Sheet 4 says 911/912 mod 74-77

Sheet 5 says 911 mod 78-83 L-D

Sheet 6 says 911 Carrera mod 84-86 & Turbo mod 84-86

Sheet 7 says Carrera mod 87-89 & Turbo H-K dated 1/95

Sheet 8 says Carrera mod 87-89 & Turbo (H-K) dated 1/92

These films measure 9-1/4 X 7 and are in good used condition.

T are microfische readers and printers all over ebay for surprisingly little money, just type in the word, "microfische" and have a look.

If you are overseas and you win this auction, shipping can be from $4.00 to $10.00 or more. Remember that the buyer is responsible for all shipping charges according to his choices of shipping. I will work with you on that. AND if you win two or more auctions we will combine shipping to save you money.