"Porsche Racing" HC book- Autographed by 36 famous Porsche drivers; 1960s- today

This is the ultimate collectible for Porsche racing fans. While the book itself is unexceptional in that it was published in 1997 and marketed through Osprey publishing, the signatures, both in quality and quantity, make it priceless. This book is autographed by 36 famous Porsche drivers, including the most recent addition to the autographs- Porsche 911 racer and TV / movie actor Patrick Dempsey and his co-driver, Andrew Davis. It's also autographed by the 2 drivers that brought Porsche its 1st LeMans victory- Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann .
This book has been mailed countless times across the USA and throughout Europe in order to acquire these rare signatures. You can spend a decade on Ebay trying to come up with these autographs, but all that work has been done for you by me and I might add at great expense; at least 50% more than my Starting Bid. In addition, Mercedes and Corvette driver John Fitch is deceased, so here's a chance to get his autograph (he also created the Fitch Safety Barrier- those yellow barrels filled with water you see on Interstate Highways).
The following drivers have autographed this book , with just about all signatures done with an Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie black pen to ensure a bold signature that does not bleed through the page, nor yellowing with age . This is a huge problem with books signed
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