Old Portable Radio Tube Set 1940 Era 1A7 1H5 1N5 3Q5

Need a tube for your portable tube radio? Here is a set of four tubes commonly used in the 1940’s era portable radios. This set consists of one each of a 1H5, 1A7, 1N5, and 3Q5 tubes. Although they may be used, they have been tested good on either a Hickok 530, B&K 747, or Sencore Mighty Mite TC162 tube tester. The photo shows a typical set of these tubes, which are representative; i.e. actual tubes shipped may be of different manufacturers, and may contain new old stock as well as used tubes. In any case, the set will have been tested before being shipped. NOTE: if you need a substitute part number: e.g. a 1A5 or 1C5 or 1Q5 may be substituted for the 3Q5. Please let me know at the end of the auction if you want a substitute part number(s). If you need a special set of tubes for your specific portable radio, please ask.