Portal Three Kingdoms Full Mint Condition English Set

Great piece for any serious collector! Mint condition P3K English set. I've sold many of my old high end mtg cards on eBay in the past and I never describe cards as mint condition. This set is a gem! Mint condition, pack fresh, never played, MINT!. The set will ship with every card in its own penny sleeve and top loader and packed very secure. Also comes with a cool cover sheet made from two empty packs and part of a booster box, if you want to display them in a book. The pics are all of the same cards just some are taken before and after I repacked them for shipping safety. Will answer any and all questions (probably within two hours if not right away). If you love magic but this item is not for you please follow me because I am in the process of selling off most of my collection. I am sorry for this next string of words but I want this to pop up on searches. Mtg, power 9, black lotus, mox,