Poseidon Xstream Deep MK3 Regulator Octopus Set Besea W50 BCD Standard w/Bag

This auction is for a Poseidon Xstream Regulator Set that includes the xstream 1st and 2nd stage, xstream octopus and Poseidon black pressure gauge. I am including a Poseidon yoke for using this regulator on non-DIN tanks. This regulator set has not been used more than a 12 times. Also included is a Poseidon BeSea W50 BCD Standard that was purchased last Fall and used no more than 6 times in the water. Finally, I am including a Poseidon bag. All of this new would cost over $2000.

A first stage's optimal air flow and integrity are must-have features for any diver, and are even more important to extreme divers. To meet these specifications, the number of gaskets and o-rings in the Xstream has been minimized to the lowest possible number. In the heart of the construction is a ball made of stainless steel that eliminates the most common problem - high-pressure valve leaks. Another advantage of the ball is that it can never be dislodged and the numbers of risk factors (such as misalignment, wearing out, and other construction tolerances) that can lead to leakage are excluded.
The principle for the world's most robust valve is built on the ability for the gas mixture to flow at a high speed and in the straightest possible path through the regulator, which creates the maximum gas delivery. To also achieve

The Poseidon W50 BCD is a sport designed wing that perform well for both beginners and more experienced divers. Equipped with ClamRetract, it gives a great volume increase as well as superior bladder deflation capabilities. In fact, deflated, the W50 has the smallest size (drag) of all bladder models within the BeSea range. Four dump valves and an inflator with a stainless steel mechanism ensures inflation and deflation is always controlled and safe. Furthermore, the shape of the bladder compensates for the weight of the tank when submerged and helps give you total freedom to move in any direction. The narrow air passage behind the neck is designed not to restrict head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated. The BeSea W50 is made for equipment with a negative weight in water that does not exceed 19 kg (41,6 lbs) and has a lifting capacity of 225 N. The Standard size is equipped with a waist belt containing three rows of 40 cc holes.

This unit also includes two Poseidon medium pockets...
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