POSITIVA Centaurs Ride CD grand funk KYUSS high on fire

POSITIVA Centaurs Ride CD

__________________________________________________________ ODIO SONORO (2008) NEW, UNPLAYED SPANISH IMPORT
Another dose of revisionist 70's rock from the Spanish label Odio Sonoro, who seems to be turning into the new Meteor City or Man's Ruin, take yer pick. Their other new albums from satanic doomrock-thrashers Rhino and psych sludge crushers Loan, which we also have listed in this week's store update, are both crushing mutations of stoner rock, and Positiva's heavy duty retro boogie fits in perfectly with that whole aesthetic that the label is carving out. As far as I know, Centaur's Ride is the first album from this Spanish band, and it's a forty-three minute blast of loud, burly riff ROCK that would sound like it came right out of 1975 if it weren't for the thick modern production and metallic heaviness. Think Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, and Mountain, massive guitars and huge crushing hooks, soaring soulful singing, shades of dusky psychedelia, lush acoustic instrumentals, massive sludgy metallic riffing. It's like Positiva took the essence of all of those awesome guitar rock bands from the 70's and ran it all through the crushing heaviness of Goatsnake and Kyuss and the heavy psychedelia of Screaming Trees. Some
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