Post Mortem Photography Collection (CD w/ pix)

A CD w/ images from my collection of post mortem, memorial, and funeral photography. The collection is 500 images strong and about 98% of them are lovingly reproduced on this CD, scanned in if paper and shot w/ digital camera if too large to be scanned. Filed in folders per format (ie: daguerreotypes, cabinet cards, large framed, etc) w/ descriptive list in word format.

See post mortems in all formats. The earliest postmortem in my collection is circa 1842, and the most modern is 1970's. Most are 19th century. Touching and poignant, bizarre and morbid, all styles are represented As the collection is sold and/or traded off, get your hands on this great reference to what's out t in the world of post mortems. Many images for sale on ebay right now and getting this disk will alert you to what's coming in the weeks and months in the future.

Postage/handling $6. Good luck and happy collecting.