Post WW2 196th Regimental Combat Team


A Regimental Combat Team (RCT) was a major infantry unit of the United States Army during and following World War II. It was formed by augmenting a regular infantry regiment with smaller tank, artillery, engineer, mechanized cavalry, reconnaissance, s ignal, air defense, military police, medical, and other units to enable it to be a self-supporting organization in the combat field.

In the years following WWII, nearly half of the men and material of the U.S Army were in the Reserve or National Guard. The 196th Regimental Combat Team was assigned to the South Dakota National Guard Headquarters. The South Dakota NG included all the components of a unified RCT - infantry, tank, artillery, signal, etc. The image on the insignia represents the faces on Mt. Rushmore.

According to the 196 th RCT website, the 196th RCT was organized in South Dakota on Sep 22, 1946 with it first training exercises held in 1948. As the troops were coming home from annual training, at Camp McCoy, WI, in 1950, the news came of the Communist invasion of South Korea. The 196th RCT was inducted into Federal Service on September 1, 1950 and sent to Camp Carson, CO. The 196th RCT was deactivated on September 14, 1956.

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