Post - WWII, M1 Garand, Bolt, #6528287-SA, by Springfield Armory


CAL.30 M1




Post – WWII, M1 Garand Bolt, 6528287 A-15, fully assembled Bolt bySpringfield Armory
Here for your consideration is an original post war production Type2 Bolt, Drawing Number 6528287, Heat Treatment Lot A-15. This Bolt was manufactured by the Springfield Armory and assembled to late production model Garands with approximate serial numbers ranging from 5420000 to 5969999 from January 1954 to December 1957.
The Bolt pictured is the same one you will receive. This Type 2 Bolt is identifiable by the presence of an oil weep hole in its underside. It retains 90+ percent of its parkerised finish and comes fully assembled with an extractor, extractor spring, extractor plunger, ejector, ejector spring and firing pin.
The bolt shows no discernable signs of rust or pitting. It has only minimal wear in the usual places indicating little use.
Please feel free to ask me any questions. I may add more details if/as they become available.
Here’s the Best Part, there is no reserve! I am a firm believer in ‘Free Market’ value! It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. !