Postage Stamp Collection Lot Different Regions Large Assortment Many Not Shown

For sale is a collection of stamps in a plastic case that I found at an estate sale. I found so many more, after lising them that are not even shown. There are probably over a thousand stamps. i am not a stamp collector, so I really don't know much about them. Most of them I believe have been cancelled, but there are many that aren't, at least I don't see a lot of cancellation lines on them. I really don't understand how a cancelled stamp, can look like it has never been licked. I believe I counted 158 small plastic pouches with one or more stamps in them, so there must be over 200 stamps altogether. There are (18) 32 cent unused stamps on a card. There are also 3 unused Washington 5 cent stamps. The stamps range is value from 1 cent to 32 cents. Most are in the lower cent range. The majority of the pouches have price stickers on the back of them from 1.00 to 7.00 or 8.00. The people who ran the estate sale were trying to sale the pouches individually, but I bought them all for one price. There was one with a $10.00, $12.00, and $20.00 price too. There are so many more in a bag that are not shown. They all look to be in very good condition. My camera didn't take great pictures, because I think my lighting was too bright. It looks like a nice collection.