Postal Commemorative Society, U.S. Uncirculated Coin Mint sets collection

This is a brand new uncirculated coin mint and stamp collection from the postal Commemorative Society ranging from 1964 to 2009 Each year has a panel with a set of uncirculated coins and a special commemorative stamp honoring an historic event for that year, that year .There are 6 Panels missing.They are 1964,1970,1982,1983,1999 and 2004. Everything else is complete and 1976 has 2 sets, the second celebrating the Bicentennial with a special set of 40% silver coins from the San Francisco Mint,see pictures. Most panels include coins from 2 or 3 different mints for that year and the back of each panel contains historic facts about that year. please feel free to ask for pics or information on any years panels and i will get it to you.