Postcard Ringling Bros Circus Sideshow Fat Man Tom Ton

Description: Offered is an original old black and white postcard that shows Tom Ton [Emil Hohne: See notes about Tom Ton #1 and Tom Ton #2 below.] who was a circus side show fat man who was known as the Fat Boy. He is sitting in what was probably a custom made chair that looks to be painted gold.

This interesting card is titled and captioned at the bottom front:


Fat Boy

Weight 645 lbs. Age 21

T is not date on the card and on the back of the card along the left edge the following information is printed:

ZIG PHOTO CO, 216 W. 42ND ST., N. Y.

About The Tom Ton [#2] shown on this Postcard:

In doing some research I have found the Tom Ton Fat Boy shown on this card was a German born successor to the original Tom Ton by the name of Emil Hohne. He was known as Price Val and his clothes and gold chair as shown on the postcard being offered would certainly support that royal title. Presently I do not have a list of his shows.

About The original Tom Ton [#1] who is not shown on this postcard:

The original Tom Ton was, according to one reference, born in Mexico and in the United States he was listed as being from the state of Arizona. His true name was Teodulo A. Valenzuela. He was also known as Price Val and his clothes and gold chair as shown on the

Size: The card is 5 & 1/2” high by 3 & 1/2” wide.

Condition: On the backside t is an area at the upper left corner w some of the paper surface has been torn away and is now missing. T is a much smaller thin spot near the back lower right corner. The corners have some wear present and the lower front left corner is missing a little along the bottom edge. T are a couple of cracks in the paper surface at the top white margin on the front. A short one is above Tom Ton’s head and the second is above the upper right corner. Any blotchyness that may be showing on the card, especially on the backside is the result of the scanning process.

I have made every effort to show the postcard as it actually appears. Please note that depending on the settings of the viewer’s monitor/computer the illustrations with this auction may look darker or lighter then what they actually are.

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Thanks for taking a look at this old postcard of Emil Hohne as Tom Ton that would make a nice addition to any collection or display.

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