Postcards & Pamphlets Niagara Falls & Old Fort Niagara

Lot of Niagara Falls and Old Fort Niagara Postcards & Brochures

This is a great lot of postcards and brochures. This is a part of a larger lot that has other postcards from the 1950's, so I believe that is the dating for most of them. If you look at the cars, You would also agree that they are no newer than the 50's.

T are 12 total postcards. 11 of them are glossy color postcards. T is one that has a matte finish, and looks to be a little older. Also included is one of the fold out souvenir booklets that has all of the cards connected. T are 12 additional images in this one.

The set also includes a souvenir booklet that is designed to be mailed. It is the size of a postcard. the topic is Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY. It alternates pages between information and B/W photos of the fort.

The last three items are pamphlets for Old Fort Niagara. One is a promotional brochure for the fort with details on some of the main attractions. T is another similar brochure with more details. The last paper item is a pamphlet, but it is a visitor's guide to the fort. It has a simple layout of the fort on the front with numbered locations. Then inside t is a description of each location.

This would be a great set to add to your collection. Perhaps you have been t, and are looking for some reminders
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