Postcards of the Waffen SS Series Cards" catalog-ENGLISH-postcards-Matthew Roth

Postcards of the Waffen SS Series Cards

" Postcards of the Waffen SS Series Cards " is a very comprehensive German 3rd Reich postcard catalog......a definite must for any serious German 3rd Reich * stamp collector.



-208 pages

-8½ x 11 inches

-Retail price $39.99

The Waffen SS has been a fascination for many collectors and historians over the years. There is a mystique associated with the combat formations and divisions such as the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Totenkopf, and others that seem to attract great interest.

Many of the cards contained within these pages are period photographs that are windows into time and even events and battles. Postcards can provide information and insight on equipment, uniforms, accouterments, personalities, simple soldiers and much more.

Having collected postcards of the Waffen SS for many years, we noticed a lack of information available to the collecting community on the subject. We hope this book will begin to address that. We have focused mainly on the “philatelic” characteristics of the cards and presenting larger format detailed images.

All cards are shown front and back at nearly original size. Special attention is paid to fakes and forgeries as well as printing
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