Poster -- NEW ORLEANS 1984 World's Fair 22x40

I've owned this 22 inch by 40 inch poster for most of my life. It's a beautiful, colorful print showing the 1984 World's Fair on the riverbank in New Orleans. Such great memories from childhood! The poster's in good condition. T aren't any significant wrinkles and no tears. T are some minor blemishes, particularly on the bottom-left corner. Not very noticeable! This is a one of a kind, true collector's item!

I just want to add that I took another photo that doesn't have any glare. Sorry about the glare! Let me know if you need to see a different photo. If you can't see clearly, the poster is of the New Orleans riverbank, with two parents and their little girl waving at a boat captain on the river. The New Orleans skyline, with fireworks, the Superdome, and skyscrapers, is in the background.