Postwar Lionel 2333 F3 A Unit Complete Dummy Frnt Truck

This auction is for a postwar Lionel 2333 Santa Fe or 2345 Western Pacific F3 dummy A unit front pilot truck. It's complete with the coil operating coupler and pick up rollers. Even the pick up shoe on the bottom for the coupler is intact. The silver of the pilot is a dull color compared to the silver of the die cast metal truck sides, so either the sides were repainted at some point, or the paint has been stripped off the pilot. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the pilot is just bare metal. I had this in my parts junk box for some time now waiting for a project that never came, so I really don't remember what the story was with the paint. I also just noticed that one screw for the pilot is missing. The rest of it is REALLY clean. No rust or dirt anyw I put it on the track and found it didn't short out, so the pick up rollers and insulators are all good. It looks ready to mount on a frame to me! I also have a few more parts I'm going to put on ebay this week. I'd be happy to stick as many things in one box as I can if you win more than one item. I'll be happy to offer a refund for the purchase price if the winning bidder finds anything wrong with my description.