Postware PLASTICVILLE! 6 boxed sets!

Vintage Postwar Bachmann Plasticville buildings circa mid 1950’s - check it out!

Be a smart shopper - look at the pictures - ask questions. I will describe these items as accurately as I can but please understand that I am basically an idiot when it comes to this sort of stuff. What you see is what I’m selling - no returns, sold as-is. This stuff has been stored and shlepped around by my family for 50 years and it’s time for it to go to someone who can appreciate it! The online research I did on this stuff has led me to state that sets are “complete” - please take into account my method for making my evaluations - again, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS - I might not answer super quick, but I will answer!
PD-3 Police Department - all parts included and intact; in very good condition. Flap-style box in good condition, aged and very dusty - torn on top. LC-2 Davy Crockett log cabin - all parts included and intact, including Davy Crockett rug and rifle. Flap-style box in rough condition, 2” area peeling in corner where box is split; 1 corner split. 1602-100 Post Office - all parts included; 1 lamp is broken off but is included. Windows intact! Flap-style box in good but dusty condition, one corner split. 1603-100 Ranch house -white walls and blue roof and doors. Nice condition - all
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