Pottery Set - Pitcher, Teapot, Cup, Saucer w/Cute Dogs!

Cute Pottery Set for Dog Lovers!

Bright colors, FUN! 4-piece set contains large water pitcher, teapot, cup and saucer! Set is entitled: "Happy Dog and Cat." (T is no cats on this set - this is the Dog set.) This collection is designed by Karen Gelff for Chaleur! All pieces are identified on their bottoms. The colors are Wonderful !

Water Pitcher
9" tall x 9" wide! Excellent condition. Handle has "BOW WOW" written on it. Big yellow dog head on one side, cute black & white dog head on the other. Dog bones, butterflies and a sun adorn this piece.

Tea Pot
7" tall x 9.5" wide, from spout to handle.
Yellow dog head on one side, cute black and white dog on the other. Butterfly, sun and dog bones on it, too. Great teapot lid, too. Tea pot has what appears to be "hair line" cracks on it, but it is solid. I believe the "cracks" are just the way the pottery was set, and is not from any damage .

Tea Cup and Saucer
Saucer is 7" wide. Yellow dog head, black and white dog, butterfly and dog bone on the cup, three dog bones on saucer. Lots of color! FUN detail!