3 Pounds~Mixed Lot~AWESOME~ VINTAGE BUTTONS~No Junk!!!

Please consider this very nice lot of old Vintage and Antique Buttons. T are 3 pounds. All in good Vintage Condition

T are Bakelite (quite a few) two pictures of Bakelite, Antique and Vintage Brass Buttons, Picture Buttons, a Hunter with Gun and Dog, A Stag, Remington, Mirror ( Twinkle) Buttons in brass and silvertone, Little Brass open cut ball buttons, Open cut Brass, Antique Brass that has a Buckle Motif, Brass and Cobalt, Steel Stud, Little ornate Victorians, Buffalo Nickle Indian, A lovely Shoe Clip type from India, MOP set in Brass with insets, Dome with opal like stones inset, Rhinestone Buttons, Old Black Glass Buttons- Silver and Gold Lusters, Black Glass with Steel studs, Celluloids, Cork Balls with brass shanks , Sweet Glass Strawberries, Green Glass opaque and clear, also 3d type clear Glass with Silvertone accents, Several China Buttons-Stencil, Calico, Ringers, Pie Crust,Domed, Chunkies, Santa Buttons, Art Deco, and Art Nuveau (sp?) Black and White Buttons and a couple of Veg. Ivory Squares, Black Top shapes set in silvertone. AND Some that I just don't know !!. This is a superb lot of old buttons that a collecter will enjoy also can be used in a very special art or sewing project. No NEW and No JUNK in this Lot !!!

All Sales are Final. I try to describe as best I can,the buyer won't be disappointed!
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