Powderhorn Scrimshaw Map Wampum Strap Muzzleloading



I recently completed this powderhorn carved with a beautiful map of the upper historic area of New York State. The scrimshawed design is that of Lake Champlain, Lake George, and the forts at Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Edward, and William Henry. The city of Albany is also depicted along with pine trees, blockhouses, a British flag, and decorative end designs. The plug at the end of the horn is made of oak and is carved with a turtle design. This horn is 14 inches in length including the end plugs. Horn carving is a very labor intensive operation taking me a great many hours to complete.

The strap is made of Czech glass wampum in the traditional historic manner using a heavy natural hemp fiber as the warp, and a sinew fiber as the weft securely locking the beads into place. The strap measurements are 1 inch wide by 42 inches in length including the elk leather tabs with lacing which secure it to the horn. Besides using the traditional clamshell wampum for my various woodland reproductions I create, I have begun using the trade style glass wampum beads which are very popular due to their variations of colors. This strap is a black with red motif.

I use an imported glass wampum bead made by the same Czechoslovakian producer
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