Power Cable - Gemmy Green Tourmaline Quartz Pseudomorph

Gemmy Green Tourmaline Pseudomorph with Quartz Core 001

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These most unusual Tourmalines come from the Urubu mine, MG, Brazil . What’s going on with these is a gemmy green Tourmaline "rind" with a white core that in some places looks like quartz in other places looks a bit more fibrous. My supplier (who travels to Brazil to find unusual pieces like these) tells me they are "Pseudomorphs" or "Partial Pseudomorphs" where the Tourmaline core has or is in the process of morphing into quartz. A most unusual growth pattern and combination to have quartz inside the core of the Tourmaline and for the exterior tourmaline to be as gemmy and vibrant as it is. I believe these were once Watermelon Tourmalines with a pink core because the stones themselves talk about once having pink in their hearts which you'll see in the reading below. The vibrant green reminds me of an apple Jolly Rancher candy if you know what those are.

I’ve so far worked with a pair of these green/white Tourmalines both alone and with other stones and can tell you they do indeed amplify the energies of the other stones they work with. Quite profoundly with the combinations I’ve tried so far. Power Cables indeed as they call themselves below.. I'm going to have a fun time myself experimenting with the one
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