Power Gyroscope Wrist Exercise Ball with 6LED & Counter

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Powerball Power Gyroscope Wrist Exercise Ball

With An Digital Counter & 6 LEDs

How the power ball works? Put its rotor in motion and the ball instantly comes alive with Gyroscopic force -- a sublime yet pleasant resistance to the movement of your wrist and hand and one which grows in its intensity as the speed of the rotor builds... faster and faster...up to a point w it is thrashing and jerking furiously, literally exploding with inertia and almost impossible to control!

The power balls are available with an inbuilt digital counter. This ingenious counter sits neatly at the top of the ball and accurately counts the number of revolutions performed by the rotor in a given run, helping you to monitor the improvements in your body strength on a daily basis.

The power ball also have an added feature of 6 inbuilt LEDs which glow brightly once the Ball is spinning. T are no batteries required (other than those for the counter) - that surreal glow which englufs your hand during use is generated by a small induction coil also present on the rotor - the faster you spin, the brighter it glows!

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