Power Legacy Gold Prop Spare Morpher Plate Ranger Legacy Cosplay Buckle

Welcome to the Starlight.Studio !
Morpher Plate Set-Shiny Gold(These are for the 2013 Morphers only!)
Description: (This listing is for 1 set of Morpher Plates only)
-These replace the silver plates on your 2013 Morpher toys.
-Made Starlight.Studio Style: Alloy Metal
-Color: Shiny Gold
-Attaches with 2 screws per piece. (Screws included. However, the old screws that came with toy should work too.) -See additional details below about attaching to your toy Morpher.
Additional Details:
Your Morpher Plate set may have one or more flaws including: bumps in the gold, rough spots, dark spots, stylized scratches, mold mark/press bumps, or any other unforeseen flaw that a picky fan will pick out but no one but you will see. Marks/scratches/bumps/dips/etc., that appear where the stickers go, are not considered flaws. They are meant to be coved with a label, (we do not sell or include labels.) We do offer a 30 day return/exchange policy if you are not happy with your item. Please read below for return policy. ! Labels can be bought by If they do not fit well with our supplied or the screws in your toy, you will need to glue them on! Screws may vary in color, and all 4 may not match!!!! Domestic Shipping :

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