Power Mastodon Petra Cannons Ranger MegaZord Spare Zord

Hi Welcome to the Starlight.Studio

Today we have some Spare Cannons for the MegaZord Mastodon Zord. Parts are made of Metal for adults only, with a beautiful shine chrome finnish. you get bouth Left and Right Cannons!!!! This is for anyone that has lost there original parts, and is used to finnish you zord for display! also adds a more Powerfull finnish to your megazord.

We tested each part in 3 Zords, and they fit. You may have to play with them a little to get them to fit! your toy zord is about 18 years old! the plastic over time on your toy may warp and change. replacement parts may fit snug in your zord and may strech the original holes or may be a little loose! you may have to glue your part in for a permanent fit. we had no problems fitting them into are 3 zords! the 3 used were BOA original 93 zords. were NOT responsible for the condition of your toy zord, over the way it was treated for 18 years!!!!! FITS MAY VERY!!!!!! but like i said we hade no problems fitting them in our 3 BOA Zords!!!!


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