Power Pez Wheel 2 year production run battery operated

This set of 4 Pez Power wheels were bought in 1995-1997 at Toys-R-Us. The 3 on the blue cards were offered in 3 dispenser tray colors only. They were the florescent colors of green, purple, and orange. This blue card set has each color in a MOC condition. The cards are in very good shape with the exception of the purple tray card, it has a rabbit ear corner on the lower left side looking straight at it. The blue carded wheels are the original wheels. The follow up green carded one is pretty much the same as the original except they added a belt clip (I guess they thought that a kid lugging a wheel around would either forget it, lose it, step on it, using it as a discus throw, etc while playing, wasn't a good marketing approach...... DOH, YA THINK?). These packs have never been opened and the plastic covers are secure. Hence, the batteries have died in the last 11-12 years. All 4 of the wheels have the original lot codes stamped at the top on the back of the cardboard in ink. T are instructions on the back on how to use and replace batteries if you want to baffle friends, family, and co-workers by showing how cool you are to have one and THEY DON'T... AH HA!!!! Ah the amazing power of the Power Pez Wheel. Who knows w the power may lead you.... to infinity and beyond (oops! wrong collectible which I also have, sorry for the plug)

This 4 set Pez Power Wheel is to be sold as a set of 4. If you are not in the U.S.A. but have a contact , I can send to them and they can forward to you, hey be the 1st in Kardasian to own one! We can make this happen! Power to the Pez Wheel!

Buyer to pay shipping, and any insurance if wanted. I ship only to U.S.A. addresses. I will not be held liable to 3rd party carrier loss or damage of item. I do my best to package securely to 'UPS Proof' the package and contents. I ship USPS PRIORITY MAIL the next working day after payment is received. I have had a 100% no damage shipments to date and expect to stay that way.

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