Power Supply 12 Volt DC/47AMP/575W forRC Charger, Black Carbon Fiber READY TO GO

Black Carbon Fiber

The Juice Box is a Ready-To-Use, 12 volt DC, 47 AMP SwitchingPower Supply that stands out from all others!

This unit is designed to provide clean and stable 12 Volt DC(typical is 12.6 VDC) current from any 120 to 240 AC wall outlet.

This will provide power for any RC Charger (LIPO, LiFe or NICAD) requiring a clean, stable and reliable power source.

The Juice Box is an excellent power source for all brands of RC chargers for your Car, Heli or Plane batteries.

The Hot looks set it apart while delivering plenty of “Juice” for your hungry charger!

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The compact size allows it to fit in most charging boxes or tool boxes and it weighs less than 4 Lbs.

Heavy Dual Binding posts allow for the connection of two separate chargers at the same time with standard 4 mm banana plugs (see pictures). You can also use bare wire in the binding post and banana plugs on top.

The fan has been modified to run in quiet mode (low speed) during low load use (below approx 22 AMP) and switches to variable speed at higher loads. Pads have also been added to quiet it when on a table or bench.

These units were pulled from working servers, cleaned, tested and modified for this
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