Powerful & Rare Quartz Crystal Point!

Cleanse, Balance and Activate All 7 Chakras!

Phantom! Timelink!


---▬☼ Amazing Energy!! ☼▬---

You will be amazed at the incredibly powerful energy of this Master Quartz Crystal from Brazil with 3 metaphysical configurations in 1!! This is the highest quality you can find, and t are breathtaking veils & mirrors which gives this crystal a gorgeous glowing effect! This crystal is a master in the art of healing, has learned how to heal itself, and can teach this incredible skill to you! This is a beautiful well-formed crystal, and t are multiple full spectrum rainbows which dramatically enhances the energy of this already potent crystal, gives it the ability to activate any chakra, accelerates the benefits you receive when working with this stone, and amplifies the potency of the metaphysical properties!! It's a great size for meditation at just under 1 1/2" long x about 3/4" wide, and it weighs about 105 carats. This is an extremely powerful crystal! The energy it gives and what it can do for you will astound you!!

This Is a Window/Timelink Crystal!! One of The 12 Master Crystals!!

Window Crystals (or Time-Link Crystals as they are sometimes called) are recognized by the presence of a parallelogram that creates a seventh
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