Powerful Tibetan Tektite!

Accelerated Evolution!

Unlock Your Ability To See Auras!

Unique Hieroglyphics!

---▬☼ Amazing Energy!! ☼▬---

You will love the incredibly powerful energy of this gorgeous Tektite discovered in Tibet! He measures just over 3/4 " long x well over 1 /2 " wide x well over 1/4 " thick. In millimeters he measures 19.5 mm long x 14mm wide x 7.9mm thick. He weighs 15 carats. There are very strange Hieroglyphics on both sides, which is unique to Tibetan Tektites. Tibetan Tektite is one of the most powerful stones in the world for activating the Kundalini energies, speeding up your evolution, good luck and unlocking your ability to see auras! It is also the legendary stone o f Shambala, an d as legend s ays , who ever acquires one of these stones will find their true destiny in life and achieve abundance & success in all areas of life! It also has amazing craters and aerial surface features which gives it an otherworldly look and feel. These highly energetic, intensely vibrating stones are truly a gift from beyond the Earth, having been consciously directed here as an evolutionary seed!!

Tibetan Tektites Have Become Legendary For Their Powerful Properties!

It was found in Tibet, which is the most powerful place in the world to find Tektites! The thousands

Tektites range from several hundred thousand to more than a billion years old! Scientists have long debated whether Tektites were themselves meteorites, or some fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material! Tektites have a long history of lore and legend. Australian Aborigines refer to them as Mayan, which means magic, and they believe that carrying a Tibetan Tektite brings good luck. In India they are called 'The Sacred Gem of Krishna.' Tibetan Monks are also known to have worshiped these particular Tektites, calling them the "Stone of Shambala."

Tibetan Tektites have long been recognized as spiritual talismans of great power and importance! They have been referred to as "Agni Mani" or 'The Gem of Fire,' and they are the stone theat most powerfully radiates the Transparent Ray, or the Supramental Force! They dramatically speed up your evolution, propelling you toward your highest path with the force of a hurricane!!

They also stimulate your psychic and intuitive abilities! These unearthly stones increase the vibrational level of your being, which has various effects such as: heightened psychic sensitivity, increased frequency of synchronicities in your life, a sense of 'seeing through the veil of the physical world, and connections with your Spirit Guides and Angels are also common! Tektites can aid you in becoming aware of the energy fields of humans and other creatures on earth. They are powerful mediational allies, and have an empowering effect on people, expanding the aura and helping the body to heal itself and become a more free-flowing energetic body!

Tibetan Tektites powerfully opens the entire chakra column, effortlessly removing blocks and congested energies as it clears and activates all the meridians and energy centers! They can cleanse and activate any of the chakras, which can feel like an infusion or explosion of energy in these areas!

They are one of the most powerful and effective stones for activating the Kundalini energies! Those of you working on this will find a powerful ally in Tibetan Tektites. They gently awaken the Kundalini and allow it to rise in a way that is both comfortable and effective!

These amazing stones can also unlock your ability to feel the energies of other stones, or greatly enhance this ability in those of you who already possess this marvelous gift!

They are also known to bring Good Luck to it's keeper!!

Tibetan Tektite is one of the Synergy Twelve s tones! Th...
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