Powerlifting/Strongman/Football/Multi Grip Swiss Bar!

Brand New Unpainted Outlaw Strength Swiss Bar, "Raw steel", Identical to The Bar in This Picture, but Unpainted! Paint your favorite color and texture. I have tons of other equipment, benches, weights, dumbbells, racks, cages, plate loaded equipment, selectorized equipment..... I design, make and sell several strong man and power lifting equipment. Call for information at or or email at or .

Some other bars available not included in this auction:

Rackable Cambered Squat Bar, Outlaw Strength: 240.00
Safety Squat Bar, Outlaw Strength: 300.00
Swiss Multi Grip Bar, Outlaw Strength: 180.00
Texas Squat Bar, Troy or Ader: 210.00
Texas Power Bar, Troy or Ader: 280.00
10" Log Press Bar, Elite FTS weighs 80 lbs: 450.00
10" Log Press Bar, Outlaw Strength, weighs 146 lb: 300.00
Hex Bar/Trap Bar, Sorinex, Black: 270.00
Trap Bar, Multi Handle, CAP, Chrome: 150.00
Cambered Bench Press Bar: 120.00
Tri Sided/Rounded Grip Bar: 120.00
Lat Pull Bars/Handles, many different in stock, price varies from 20.00 to 40.00 each!