PowerProof BE1000 JumboSize NA-DOON Thai Antique Amulet

For me, knowing the amulet is real, is not enough

How much Power it has, is my most concern

After testing, I found this amulet has Outstanding Extremely High Supernatural Power

Very Old & Powerful NA-DOON Antique Amulet (BE1000)

Can be encased in clear plastic case free of charge, upon your request

8.4 x 3.3 x 1.9 cm Jumbo Size

Stone-alike Amulet, Created in Dvaravati Era about 1500 years ago

Very strong power in all aspects, especially for Harm Protection

** Guaranteed Real with Supernatural Power Proven **

On my recent trip to Roi-Ed, a province in North Eastern part of Thailand, to seek for powerful amulets, I bought many pieces of very old antique amulets, called Phra Gru Na-Doon, from a monk who kept these amulets for long time ago. The monk is now building a new sermon hall in his wat which need a lot of fund to complete the construction. A portion from this bidding will be donated to this monk for the construction. Having carefully inspected, I found this antique amulet 100% real as t are clearly evidences of very old aging marks such as stains and small tiny holes on the skin of every piece. Almost every piece has many small green quartz spots growing on the surface due to long aging and having been buried under the rice field in Na-Doon
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