PowerProof LP Duangdee Thai Phra Kring Amulet +Necklace

For me, knowing the amulet is real is not enough

How much Power it has, is my most concern

After testing, I found this amulet has Outstanding Extremely High Supernatural Power

Powerful Phra Kring blessed by 102-year-old Kruba Duangdee

Comes with classic durable stainless-steel necklace

Wealth & Luck Increasing, Harm Protection, Leadership & Charming Attraction Enhancement

Can be used to make holy water to cure sickness

** Guaranteed Real, Supernatural Power Proven **

This amulet is blessed by a powerful 102 years old magic guru monk in northern part of Thailand , Kruba Duangdee at Wat Tha-Jam-Pee. This item is 100% real acquired directly from the wat(temple) and was already tested to ensure the existing of hidden Supernatural Power which resides only in real blessed amulet. The amulet is encased in a top-quality stainless steel case and come with a classic durable stainless-steel necklace ready for wearing. The necklace of this design allows you to put 6 more amulets on the necklace in the future too. However, if you want to change the necklace, please let me know. Detailed description of the item is shown below in red color. Not all real amulets will have the same magnitude of power. This item is tested and the power is at "Outstanding Extremely-High"
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