(pp280-238) Genuine Fossil Madagascar TURTLE POOP Coprolite DUNG doo WEIRD GIFT

(internal #PP480-238), Genuine petrified turtle dung (called "coprolite" in polite fossil circles) is between 1-1/2 to 2" long, specimen has plenty of texture and great shape, graphic! I assure you, the smell is long gone, now replaced by stone just like petrified wood is changed when it fossilizes but keeps its original shape.

Found in Madagascar. This specimen is from the Eocene Era (38-55 million years old).

Great "gag" gift or teaching tool for teachers in history class! The gemstone material that replaces the dung over the millions of years makes these specimens attractive to be sliced and made into jewelry. Honest! Comes with information card. We only handle the real stuff, folks!

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