PR EARLY English UK Gut Dead Bait Fly Rod Hook Mount

Here is a pair of nice EARLY English marked "Archer" dead bait spinning mounts / harnesses, from England. Both are marked. They are each of a different size, have different head / clamp sizes and styles the hook rigging trace and style is different between them. The fly rod lure sized example has the curved, "pointed" style clamp with the larger one having the earlier triangular "pointed" clamp style quite similar to the original 1800's Haynes patent. Note the bend on its clamp is much "sharper" than the usual graduated, smoothly curved clamps. These early ones are not common and much harder to find than the later versions. Its clamp is stamped "Patent" and "Archer" on the same side of opposing clamps. Both feature box swivels and have gut traces. The gut on both survives in wonderful condition. The teeny fly rod lure is also stamped on opposing wings of the same side "New Patent July, 1910" and "Archer."

Both are unusual as their hook hangers are suspended from the metal clamp rings. These versions with the rivited stud hangers are FAR harder to find than the usual arrangement with the trace gangs suspended from a ring above the head clamp. Don't miss your chance at two different versions of this tougher style. Both examples are simply stamped "Archer" on opposing sides of each clamp.

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