Prairie Dawg Collection Western Cowboy Dog Figurines

FOUR vintage United China and Glass Company (UCGC), Praire Dawgs Collection, porcelain/ceramic figurines.

These are adorable dog figurines, dressed in cowboy/western attire.

Includes Bronco Bully, Wyatt Arf, Deputy-Sheriff Basset, and Sgt Bernhard.

The most common piece appears to be Bronco Bully, as I seem to see him on ebay more than any of the others.

However, they are really all quite rare, and you don't see them all of the time.

Only Sgt Bernhard has any damage - a small chip on the bill of his hat. Guess he had too much to drink from the whiskey jug he is carrying around and took a spill!

No other chips, damage or repairs to any figurine.

Figurines measure approx. 5"H and have a 2-1/2" diameter base.

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