Pre Civil War Early Militia Sword AWESOME Blade & Grip Hilt Hard to Upgrade

Today I bought a small sword collection from the estate of an old collector. Most were Masonic or Knights Templar related, but this one and another were not. At first I was sure this was a Fraternal Order sword but the family had a list and this one was IDed as an "Early Militia Pre Civil War Sword". I checked with a blade guy and he confirmed it.
The blade is stellar and quite amazing for it's age. Factory edge with no issues. Light dark spots toward the tip that I think will clean off, but that is up to you to do… I don't mess with the stuff like this.
The white grip is pretty much flawless and matches the condition of the blade - amazing to be pushing 170 years old or so.
The scabbard has a couple of issues - the seam has opened up, but you have to push on it to notice. The lower part of the leather is as seen in the 9th pic. The bottom fitting has a couple of dings, sorry - I find 'em like I find 'em. As you can tell, I don't know the proper terms to use and not sure what you want to see or focus on, so feel free to ask questions.
ONE PENNY opening bid, so someone wins!
See the pics, they should tell the story from here - ...over 16 years here with only the best stuff I can find. Uncleaned and untouched is my goal - once that is done, it's done for good, so I leave things as I find them.
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