Pre-Columbian Tumbaga Tairona Shaman Chief

Metal Composition: Cast Gold - Copper - Silver

Description :

Colombian Tairona Tumbaga - circa 800AD - 1500AD. Tumbaga is normally an alloy mix of about average of 80% copper, 10% silver and 10% gold . Often times the mixture of gold was higher since the Tairona's would cast the tumbaga forms with an average of 65% gold . They would trade the gold with the Sinu Indians on southern coast and the Muisca Indians from the inland areas down the Magdalena river. The Book,The Gold of El Dorado, published in 1978, the author Warwick Bray gives a quote: "Tairona goldwork combines a technical mastery of casting with love of fine detail." Formed from the authentic "lost wax" method. Used by the Tairona Indians, from the northern Santa Marta mountain region of Colombia, as decorations, status and eventually put in their burial sites.

This item is 3" high x 3" wide . Has a heavy weight of 58.1 grams (2.05oz) . It's beautiful Shaman Chief pendent that has flawless & excellent details. It also has 9 coiled loops to hang as a necklace.

Large Shaman Chief- pendent

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