RARE Pre-Columbian Colima Obsidian Human Effigy, Museum Deaccession

A Pre-Columbian human effigy form crafted in ancient times from fine obsidian, from the Colima cultural region of ancient Mexico, circa 200 B.C. - 300 A.D. Measures approximately 5 1/8" tall (item alone un-mounted) and about 6 1/2" tall mounted on the custom display stand (included).

This piece was deaccessioned from the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, which holds a world-class collection of Pre-Columbian art. The Mint Museum collection number remains on the back, and the first two digits indicate the year it was accessioned (donated) to the museum (1979).

Obsidian is fine volcanic glass with superior sharpness and cutting ability, and was highly prized by the ancient inhabitants of Mexico. This is a rare type of artifact, and would likely have once been part of a special cache offering, where the human effigy form perhaps had symbolic meaning as part of a ritual or ceremony.

Condition: This piece remains in excellent condition, with very minor abrasions and wear, and the edges are still very sharp. Wonderful root markings and mineral deposits remain on the surface, indicative that this is indeed an authentic, ancient piece. The former Mint Museum collection label/number remains on the back.

Provenance: Former Atlanta, GA private collection. Before that, deaccessioned from the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.
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