Pre Columbian stone figure statue

This little guy is a real treasure.
Hand carved of unknown origin, but clearly very old.
I have done hours of searching through similar statues online and have narrowed it down to pre-columbian, possibly central American origin, but haven't seen anything exactly like it anywhere.
The most similar statue out there is this guy: Hyperlink Code who is going for 12,000 so you're getting a really good deal here!
Price is reduced due to the jewel someone stuck in his hat and the broken leg. Nonetheless, this piece is still high quality- It's in better shape than many things found in museums and absolutely unique. There isn't another one of this guy anywhere in the world.
He has been washed, but not extensively- there is still some original dirt and mud stuck under his arms and behind his legs so good chance he can still be dated. If you are brave and want to own something remarkably singular, give it a shot and buy him!