PRE-FLIGHT Walkera RC Simulator for 4G3 4#3 Lama 2 USB

For a limited time only, the download version of PRE-Flight is now included - free. Get your full copy of PRE-Flight thru quick download - for free - when you order this item - no more waiting for your software. Important: Please make sure you have a working email address - you will be emailed a download link and further instructions after your payment is verified (usually within 48 hours). For a limited time only, the Make Your Own Photoreal Sceneries CD Book is now included free with every purchase of the PRE-Flight Walkera Edition with USB Cable Interface. In addition, your purchase of the PRE-Flight package with USB also entitles you to 3 free Photoreal Scenery Conversions(see ). The New PRE-Flight USB Interface is now incorporated in the Latest Version of PRE-Flight - resulting in even faster, more reliable peformance from the acclaimed RC Simulator.
This Item has exceptional value - it not only includes the full version of the Walkera Edition of PRE-Flight, it also includes the USB interface and Transmitter/Controller Cable at the low price.
The PRE-Flight USB Interface (PFUSBi for short) allows you to use ALL the channels of your transmitter (unlike other USB interfaces which only use 4) to control PRE-Flight and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and 98SE.

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BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: The interface design is different for each the various Walkera Transmitters - you have to specify which transmitter you have so I can send the correct interface cable. I will not be able to post if you do not specify the correct cable!! Message or email me () - do not use Paypal for messages as I may not get it. The Walkera Edition can also use other Transmitter Types - see the complete list of Compatible Transmitters below.

In making the Special "Walkera Edition" of PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator - the Walkera helicopters were taken completely apart, each component measured and weighed, to create an exact reproduction in PRE-Flight. The final form of this model was fine-tuned by professional RC fliers to respond EXACTLY like the real thing - down to the way the actual heli slides on its skids just before lift-off. A professional 3D artist was comissioned to reproduce the Walkera helicopters from the highly-detailed rotorhead, down to the cool airscoops on the cockpit ( see screenshots below ). The Simulator comes complete with the cable interface (to connect your Walkera Transmitter to your PC) and even has a unique training scenery to test your flying skills before you tackle the real thing. Also included are instructional flying "videos" of the Walkera which shows the movements of the actual control sticks in various manuevers. Want to instruct a friend to fly the Walkera? Or want a more experienced flyer instruct you? No problem - PRE-Flight is multiplayer over the internet (or LAN) - up to 32 players - with each player's control sticks visible!

PRE-Flight Walkera Edition features not one but 21 beautifully crafted virtual 3D models - the Walkera 4G3, 4#3, Lama 2, #38, UFO, 5#10, 5G6, #60, #36, #22E, #4, and #5.4 plus variants.

The 4G3 is the smallest CP heli capable of 3D flying. The 4#3 is a super micro with "big heli" features. The 38 is an awesome 4-rotor "Chinook" Heli. The 5#10 is a high-performance twin-rotor. The 5G6 is the tiniest high-performance twin-rotor heli in the Walkera range.

All 21 are so realistic that you wouldn't want to crash them - even if you know you can't cause any expensive ...

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