pre-smoked high quality Wenhall tobacco pipe

This is one of my own personal pipes. I bought this back in the seventies or early eighties. Pretty pricey pipe at the time...90 bucks or so, I don't really remember for sure. I have not smoked a pipe in years, so time to part with my collection. The stem says Wenhall Presidential 2, which I tried to show, but you can't really see it. Wenhall made some really nice pipes, but haven't been around for a while. The pipe is about 7 1/4" from the edge of the bowel to the end of the bit. The stem is about 3/4" in diameter. The bit is a press fit, hard rubber. This pipe as a rather small bowel( 7/8" at the top, and conical shaped), but smokes really cool. I smoked mainly Orientals in it. I don't have the equipment to polish out all the teeth marks, but they aren't deep, and I am sure it could be done. I have cleaned it good, and pipe "freshened" it. This is a super pipe...and you don't have to burn up your tongue building up a cake! The first picture had been retouched to show off the grain. The other pics are pretty close to the actually color and appearance. There are no fills. Nice chunk of briar. Happy smoking!