Pre war GOEBEL Ceramic Covered Wagon Pioneer Candy Dish - RARE 1930-40s Germany

R are
Hard to find Ceramic
Authenic Goebel Western Covered Wagon from 1930s or '40s Germany.
The wagon part is painted a brownish orange. The lid is a green blue.
The bottom is stamped GERMANY with the TMK 1 mark (crown over WG).
The TMK 1 mark was used from the period 1935 to 1949. Obviously half of that time was WW2 so they weren't shipping much if any product. .
DX 459 1 3/4 is stamped at the bottom.
There no chips or cracks but as you can see from the photos there are lots spots where the painted is worn away. ( of course it is probably 75 yrs old )