Pre WW1 Era USMC P1904 Officers EGA Insignia Collar Set

T are many Eagle Globe and Anchor insignia, as of late, that have been touted as "rare" or "scarce", and they are no such thing. They often are no more than 50 years old and can be found on any given week on E-Bay. These insignia, in this auction, do fall under what high-end collector's would consider "scarce or rare". These are pattern 1904 officer's dress insignia, meant for wear on the dress blue or white uniform. These were worn prior to WW1 and through the WW1 period well into the early 1930's by older Marine officers. This pin-back set, with the open loop catch, and one piece globe and continents denote an early pre-WW1 manufacture. Considering their age, at close to 100 years old or more, the condition is excellent, despite some tarnish. The gold is visible on both continents and anchor, and the eagle and globes retain 90%, if not more, of the silver wash. These are a quality matched set that were born together and spent life together. They are worthy of the finest collection. These are fresh to the market out of a private collection and are highly desirable. I have attached a photo of this style in wear, by Major Walter Sitz, in the early 1920's. He was the 6 th Regiment adjutant in France. This version was probably his commissioning set.

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