PRE WWII japanese secret puzzle box inlaid ART RARE

This hand crafted, wooden inlaid japanese puzzle box is a small (4 sun) 4 step box.
It most likley is pre-wwii, which you can tell from the inlaid wood design on the sides! However, the puzzle is "loose" (in other words, if you hold the puzzle upside-down, it will move to the first "step" on its own. It still words, but it is clearly loose.
It does not come with instructions.
I am a collector of these puzzle boxes, and have read articles and books about them, as well as discussed them with several of the foremost experts about their history. You can trust that I will always be HONEST about their condition, rarity, and age (unlike some sellers on ebay who call new common retail boxes "rare"!)
These hand-crafted puzzle boxes are a great gift, and add a new dimension to any art, japanese craft, or puzzle collection.
Good luck bidding.