pre-WWII US Navy USN chief pharmacist pre-1941 gold rate patch named

WWII US Navy 8 button CPO jacket. Pre-1941 gold good conduct rate badge. Small size. Named. Very good condition.
see pictures.
All items sold as is.
** Please Read. ** I will not respond to inquires about the size of uniforms. I know some reenactors want period uniforms for events or some collectors what to make sure a uniform will fit a torso form for display but I do not have time to measure and size the dozens of uniforms i sell every month. Navy uniforms from the 1930s-1940s are small. Very small. The average sailor in WWII was 5'7" and 140 lbs. Most Navy uniforms from this period are not marked with a size. Jumpers are mostly around size 32-36. Trousers are usually around a 28-32 inch waist with a 30 inch inseam. If a uniform is an unusually large size, a size 42 or 44 jumper for example, or the item is marked with a size I will note it in the description other wise consider the item within the specs provided above. Thanks.